Упражнения общего характера

Упражнение 1. **

Исправьте ошибки в предложениях.

1. The news are much better today.

2. What a beautiful weather today!

3. We need some informations.

4. The furnitures are very old.

5. I’m looking for a new jeans.

6. Your hairs are getting very long.

7. Do you have a scissors? 8. We had a lot of homeworks last week.

9. Do you think she is making a progress with her English?

10. These trousers is too small.

11. She gave me some good advices.

12. Emily’s clothes is so beautiful!

13. We had an interesting work.

14. My money are in the drawer.

15. We need a new furniture.

16. Traffic have been bad throughout the day.

17. Where is my headphones?

18. My watches is fast.


Упражнение 2. **

Исправьте ошибки в предложениях.

1. Cora often has been seen playing tennis.

2. What time do you meet Nadya this evening?

3. It was a lovely morning so Sarah suggested us to go for a swim.

4. I’m looking forward to see you.

5. My friend is going to look for a new job when he’ll return to his country.

6. I wish I wouldn’t smoke so much.

7. We’d rather like to go to the theatre than to the cinema.

8. The war films have a negative effect to people. (2 mistakes)

9. Nowadays, a large amount of young people are studying languages.

10. She became very upset: even she asked me to leave the room.

II.    The motorist asked the man why had he crossed the road at that point.

12. She left immediately her home. 13. Could you explain me how this machine works?

14. He was died in 1995. 15. Let’s have a meeting sometimes next week.

16. When you arrive, I’ll wait for you.

17. Did you make many friends since you came here?

18. When he was younger he was playing football.



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