Упражнения на вопросительные предложения

Упражнение 1.

Поставьте общие вопросы к предложениям:

1. There is a tea-pot on the table.

2. I work from nine to ten.

3. We are leaving for Hamburg next Saturday.

4. I have been busy the whole evening.

5. My friend studied in Sorbonne when he was young.

6. It is winter.

7. I can swim in cold water.

8. I had to go there in the daytime.

9. I will show you how to do it.

10. You must work hard.

11. She didn’t play well that evening.

12. I can’t read English authors in the original.

13. I wasn’t prepared to this sort of questions.


Упражнение 2.

На основе данных предложений постройте общие вопросы согласно образцу.


She likes classical music. -> Does she like classical music?

1. The weather is fine.

2. Her new dress is green.

3. He won’t come because he’s ill.

4. The church is 200 yards away.

5. She prefers red.

6. He comes every week.

7. The tall one is my boss.

8. She’ll come at 5 p.m.

9. He’ll wait for 10 minutes.

10. Ray took the thick book.



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