Упражнения на тему «Возвратные местоимения»

Повторение грамматики

Упражнение 1.

Дополните предложения, используя возвратные местоимения myself / yourself и т.д.


1. I cut … myself … with a knife.
2. Be careful! That plate is very hot. Don’t burn … .
3. I’m not angry with you. I’m angry with … .
4. They never think about other people. They only think about … .
5. I got out of the bath and dried … with a towel.
6. When people are alone, they often talk to … .
7. The police say that the woman shot … with a gun.
8. Don’t pay for me. I want to pay for … .
9. He fell off the ladder but he didn’t hurt … .
10. I’d like to know more about you. Tell me about …(one person).
11. Goodbye! Have a good holiday and look after … (two people).



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