Упражнения на тему союзы и союзные слова

Повторение грамматики

Упражнение 1.

Заполните пробелы соответствующими союзами и союзными словами:

1. I like Sally *** I don’t like Bob.

2. She likes her *** she is always friendly.

3. That’s the painting *** my father bought last year.

4. This is the house *** I’ve lived for 9 years.

5. In the morning I always have coffee *** toast.

6. She is happy *** her test is good.

7. In our house lives a man *** is a detective.

8. Tell me *** you can come.

9. He always thinks *** he is so clever.

10. We had dinner, watched TV, *** then we went to bed.

11. *** we arrived he had already gone.

12. That’s the longest test *** we have ever written.

13. Did you understand *** he told you that story?

14. I was not really interested in *** he was talking about.

15. Is this the hotel *** we stayed last year?


Упражнение 2.

Заполните пробелы соответствующими союзами и союзными словами:

1. I cannot come *** I have no time.

2. You can climb on the tree *** you must be careful.

3. She came in *** sat down.

4. I laughed *** Tom had told me a joke.

5. He was not at home *** we asked the neighbours when he would be back.

6. The police arrested the thief *** had stolen the money.

7. I can’t help you, *** you can also ask Mary.

8. She went to bed early *** she was tired.

9. She had got a bad mark at her last test *** she learned a lot for the next.

10. She always greets friendly *** I meet her.

11. I found out *** they are living.

12. He wore the trousers *** we had bought last Friday.


Упражнение 3.

Заполните пробелы союзными словами, приведенными ниже.

although, despite, however, whereas, yet, because, in spite of, yet

1. My friend Alice has just bought herself some new shoes *** she already has some 20 pairs.

2. We decided to walk from coast to coast *** our lack of training.

3. Giving up was not an issue *** the situation got more confusing by the day.

4. The children behaved like angels *** the long drive and the hot weather.

5. The hotel wasn’t really idyllic. *** , we had a great time there.

6. I love cycling *** my wife prefers walking.

7. *** the weather forecast spoke of wind and rain, we really enjoyed a warm and sunny afternoon.

8. I don’t really believe everything he says. *** , I thoroughly enjoy being with him.

9. *** he’s 6 already Steve still can’t ride a bike.

10. Hans finished second *** his leg injury.

11. Nothing will ever grow on this land *** in the 60s a nearby factory dumped its waste here.

12. Anne is a fine person to be with, *** what she thinks herself, she has great listening skills.

13. John never apologizes *** real friends need not apologize all the time he says.

14. We arrived at the hospital soaking wet *** the fact that we were all wearing waterproof jackets.

15. The evolution of modern technology never ceases to amaze me. *** , I’m pretty sure the mysteries of life will
never be revealed.



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