Упражнения на тему предложения

Повторение грамматики

Упражнение 1.

Поставьте следующие предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную форму.

1 They have done something.
2 He has given them some money.
3 You have brought something for us.
4 I have taken some English books from you.
5 She was reading something.
6 He has writ­ten a letter to somebody.
7 Somebody by the name of Mr. Brown lives on the third floor.
8 They have some English books.
9 There are some tall trees in front of their house.
10 Peter has something in his box.
11 There are some parks in this town.
12 There are some good book shops in our dis­trict.


Упражнение 2.

Поставьте предложения в восклицательную форму.

1. He is a good singer.
2. The singer is good.
3. He is a fi ne athlete.
4. This athlete is good.
5. She is a pretty girl.
6. This girl is pretty.
7. She has beautiful hair.
8. Her hair is beautiful.
9. It’s a cool night.
10. The night is cool.
11. He speaks English well.
12. Everything was quiet.
13. They understood each other perfectly.
14. She plays the piano well.
15. It is noisy here.
16. It’s stuffy here.
17. This place is beautiful.
18. She sings beautifully.
19. It’s fi ne weather we are having.
20. She is wearing beautiful clothes.
21. The cake smells delicious.
22. You have brought us sad news.
23. They are laughing very loudly.
24. You have given me a lot of money.
25. You are wrong.
26. She looks beautiful in this dress.
27. The child has grown very tall.
28. The tree is growing fast.
29. April is usually cold.
30. The fl owers smell nice.
31. Her hair has turned grey.
32. It’s getting cold.
33. He seems to be a nice man.


Упражнение 3.

Расставьте слова в нужном порядке, чтобы получилось предложение.

1. were, pale, they, men, faces, big, with.
2. New Zealand, were, from, the eight men. divers.
3. to clear the harbour, was brought, of its wrecks, the team, to Rangoon.
4. these, refugees, a lot of, ships, had boarded.
5. climbed, of the ship, hole, in the side, I, through, one.
6. the compartment, the lamp, next, just, in, is being fixed.
7. appeared, the porter’s, in the doorway, face, smiling.
8. a few words, I, to say, companion, was eager, my, to
9. was born, of, Mark Twain, a, lawyer, in, small town, the family, in 1835.
10. in, he, a printshop, began, home, his, to work, town, at.
11. a number, this, was followed, of, by, story, stories, short, novels, and.



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