Упражнения на придаточные предложения

Повторение грамматики

Упражнение 1.

Замените придаточные предложения инфинитивными оборотами.


Не is so old that he cannot skate. — He Is too old to skate.

1. The problem is so difficult that it is impossible to solve it.

2. The box is so heavy that nobody can carry it.

3. The baby is so little that it cannot walk.

4. He is so weak that he cannot lift this weight.

5. She is so busy that she cannot talk with you.

6. She was so inattentive that she did not notice the mistake.

7. The rule was so difficult that they did not understand it.

8. He was so stupid that he did not see the joke.

9. She has got so fat that she cannot wear this dress now.

10. The accident was so terrible that I don’t want to talk about it.

11. They were so empty-headed that they could not learn asingle thing.

12. The window was so dirty that they could not see through it.

13. She was so foolish that she could not understand my explanation.

14. I have very little wool: it won’t make a sweater.



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