Упражнения на оборот «there is»

Упражнение 1.

Поставьте в пропуски there или it.

1. — were many people in the room, — was very stuff y.
2. — is time to go to bed, — is no time to waste.
3. — is no need to hurry, — is still plenty of time.
4. — was twenty degrees in the shade. — was not a cloud in the sky.
5. — was nothing to be seen, — was too dark.
6. — was deep snow at the foot of the hill, — was hard to walk.
7. — came a knock at the door, — was the postman.
8. Something clanked outside. — was the dog’s chain. Then — was a sudden
furious barking.
9. — was still very early, — was nobody to be seen in the street.
10. — was nothing left to do. — remained only to sign the document.
11. — was thirty kilometers to town and — were many villages on the way.
12. I’m sure — is a rule for it, but — is not the rule he referred to.
13. I’m afraid — is no use trying. — is no preventing it.
14. Do you think — is time for another cigarette?
15. — is no time for tea if we are in a hurry.
16. — was not a bench in sight and, anyway, — was too cold to sit down.
17. — was an hour to the plane, — was time to have the luggage registered.



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