Упражнения на наречия

Упражнение 1.

Выберите правильно наречие из скобок.

1. He stood (close/closely) to the door.
2. You can get the book (free/freely).
3. Не couldn’t explain it (clear/clearly).
4. I (hard/hardly) studied at all last term.
5. You guessed (wrong/wrongly).
6. He opened the door (wide/widely).
7. She was (high/highly) praised for her work.
8. He has been working (hard/hardly).
9. I’m getting (pretty/prettily) tired.
10. You can speak (free/freely) in front of him.
11. My friends are (most/mostly) students.
12. I haven’t been to the theatre much (late/lately).
13. I (wrong/wrongly) assumed that you were my friend.
14. He (close/closely) inspected the lock.
15. He came back (late/lately).
16. You’re doing (fine/finely).
17. Take it (easy/easily).
18. The kite flew (high/highly).
19. The girl was dancing (pretty/prettily).
20. I understood his English (easy/easily).
21. He pulled the strings (tight/tightly).
22. It was (near/nearly) midnight.
23. Of all fruit he loved apples (most/mostly),.
24. They differed (wide/widely) in opinions.
25. The car droye up (near/nearly) to the gate.
26. I (clean/cleanly) forgot about it.
27. He loved his parents (dear/dearly).
28. He will be in (short/shortly).
29. He bought it (cheap/cheaply).
30. His refusal cost him (dear/dearly).
31. He turned round (sharp/sharply).
32. They travelled (cheap/cheaply).
33. They treated him (fair/fairly).
34. The foreman cut me (short/shortly).
35.She clenched the letter (tight/tightly) in her hand.
36.She wiped the table (clean/cleanly).
37. He always travelled (light/lightly).
38. You must play (fair/fairly).
39. He kissed me (light/lightly) on the cheek.
40. It was ten o’clock (sharp/sharply).
41. Stand (clear/clearly) of the machine.


Упражнение 2.

Поставьте наречие в правильное место.

1. I can’t do it (possibly).

2. He has mentioned it (never).

3. We just watched TV (tonight).

4. Has he been out of his native town (ever)?

5. Mother is in the kitchen (now).

6. He can be seen in the local pub in the evening (usually).

7. What have you been doing (here)?

8. He will be sick of living alone (soon).

9. She went to bed (early).

10. They all went upstairs (presently).

11. “Fools,” she said to herself (angrily).

12. She was indifferent to him (entirely).

13. He looked hurt (deeply).

14. He could have managed it (easily).

15. She listened to him (respectively).

16. They kept laughing (uproariously).

17. She was trying to explain (simply).

18. I think she’s lying (frankly).

19. They’ve forgotten the time (probably).

20. The visit has been very successful (politically).

21. He knew what was happening (perhaps).

22. I did not see him (honestly).

23. The letter is sent off (anyway).

24. He is very happy (obviously).

25. The players could see the ball (hardly).

26. Turning the books over he looked at the titles (rapidly).

27. We had a nice game (certainly).

28. The idea passed through my mind (idly).

29. She spoke Italian (perfectly).

30. I must just wait for his letter (patiently).

3l.She began to cry (hysterically).

32. You can see in people’s thoughts (sometimes, clearly).


Упражнение 3.

(употребление enough и such — so).

Заполните пробелы, выбрав правильный вариант:

1. We’ve got *** time *** to do this work (enough).

2. The work is *** important *** (enough).

3. He is (such — so) *** a nice man to speak with.

4. She is (such — so) *** beautiful.

5. We bought (such — so) *** a lovely house in the country.



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