Упражнения на глагол to get

Вставьте глагол to get с предлогом.

to get out of

to get rid of

to get off

to get tired

to get cold

to get late

to get into

to get together

to get rich

to get to

to get

  1. It’s … . Put on your coat.

  2. Where shall we … the bus and change it?

  3. We can’t … the idea that we’ve lost our way.

  4. The hole was so deep that the fox couldn’t … it.

  5. It’s … . Let’s go home.

  6. The house was locked. Nobody could … it.

  7. We have walked a long way. We … .

  8. Is it easy to … that place.

  9. She usually … a lot of presents on her birthday.

  10. When we … we’ll buy a larger house.

  11. Every year we … at our Granny’s.



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