Упражнения на герундий

Упражнение 1.

Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на герундий.

1. She has always dreamt of living in a small house by the sea.

2. She disliked living in her old house.

3. She was thinking of buying a new one.

4. Now, she enjoys living in a beautiful new house.

5. She misses seeing the neighbours of course.

6. Usually she enjoyed talking to them and didn’t mind helping them.

7. She likes cooking and is very good at it.

8. But she doesn’ t like washing and ironing.

9. She hates getting up early, but she has to.

10. She doesn’ t mind working a lot, you know.

11. She enjoys driving an expensive car.

12. She has always dreamt of travelling round the world.

13. But she hates flying and she’s never been overseas.

14. She has risen to be head of the company in spite of being a woman in a man’s world.

15. She loves meeting people because she can’t bear being alone.

16. She loves talking to the press and appearing on TV shows.

17. She enjoys being photographed because she thinks she’ s beautiful.

18. She hates being laughed at.

19. She likes being stared at because she thinks she’s attractive.

20. But she hates being ignored.


Упражнение 2.

В каждом из предложений заполните пробел герундием, образованным на основе одного из глаголов.

try, steal, meet, look, write, make, be run, wash,play, eat, splash, go, drive, take


Do you miss *** tennis every afternoon? — Do you miss playing tennis every afternoon?

1. Could you please stop *** so much noise?

2. I don’t enjoy *** letters.

3. Does your job involve *** a lot of people?

4. I considered *** the job, but in the end I decided against it.

5. If you use the shower, try and avoid *** water on the floor.

6. Jake gave up *** to be an actor and decided to become a teacher.

7. Have you finished *** your hair yet?

8. The phone rang while Ann was having dinner. She didn’t answer it; she just went on ***.

9. She admitted *** the car but denied *** it dangerously.

10. Why do you keep on *** at me like that?

11. They had to postpone *** away because their son was sick.

12. If you cross the street without looking, you risk *** over by a car.



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