Упражнения на Future in the Past

Упражнение 1.

Поставьте данные в скобках глаголы в нужную временную форму, соблюдая правило согласования времен.

1. They promised that they (bring) ____ us all the necessary books.

2. He did it better than I (expect) ____ he would.

3. He said that the tractors (be) ____ there soon.

4. I think it all happened soon after the meeting (end) ____.

5. He said that he (can) ____ not do it without my help.

6. The astronomer told us that the Moon (be) ____ 240,000 miles from the Earth.

7. We asked the delegates whether they ever (see) ____ such a demonstration.

8. It was decided that we (start) ____ our work at four o’clock.

9. I told you that I (leave) ____ town on the following day.

10. I did not know that you already (receive) ____ the letter.

11. The boy did not know that water (boil) ____ at 100 degrees.

12. He wanted to know what (become) ____ of the books.

13. I was told that the secretary just (go out) ____ and (to come back) ____ in half an hour.

14. We were afraid that she not (be able) ____ to finish her work in time and therefore (offer) ____ to help her.

15. He said we (may) ____ keep the book as long as we (like) ____.

16. When I called at his house, they (tell) ____ me that he (leave) ____ an hour before.

17. It (be) ____ soon clear to the teacher that the new pupil (cause) ____ much trouble.

18. I was thinking what a pleasure it (be) ____ to see my old friend again; I not (see) ____ him since my school days.

19. I have not yet told them that I (get) ____ them those books in the nearest future.



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