Упражнения на выражение будущего времени

Упражнение 1.

Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильную форму.

1. We’ll talk when we (to get) there.
2. I’ll see that everything (to be) in order.
3. I don’t know when she (to be) home.
4. Joseph, see that there (to be) plenty of lamps for the guests.
5. We’ll wait here till it (to get) dark.
6. You will stay here and make sure no one (to approach) the road.
7. He asks if you (to meet) him in the library at five o’clock.
8. I advise you to make sure the bottle (not to be) showing out of the box.
9. He will be very useful if you (to treat) him right.
10. He will take care that they (to be) fit to do the job.
11. He wants to know if I (to deliver) this parcel.
12. If all (to go) well, I shall finish it in a fortnight.
13. Stay by the door and wait to make sure that he (to switch) off the light at the gates.
14. I’ll see that everything (to be) properly packed and put into store.
15. I wonder what the weather is going to be like and if I (to be) warm.
16. We’ll have peace together when he (to be) gone.



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