Упражнение на лицо и число глагола

Упражнение 1.

Вставьте заключенные в скобках слова в правильном лице и числе.


It’s a nice place. Many people (to go) there for a holiday. — It’s a nice place. Many people go there for a holiday.

1. Some people (to be) always late.

2. The president is not popular. The people (to do not) like him.

3. A lot of people (to watch) television every day.

4. Three people (to be) killed in the accident.

5. How many people (to live) in that house?

6. (to do) the police carry guns in your country?

7. Tje police (to be) looking for the stolen car.

8. I need my glasses, but I can’t find (it or they).

9. I’m going to buy (a or some) new trousers today.




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