The Curse of the Motor Car * Текст для чтения

We are all familiar with the story of Frankenstein, the professor who created a monster that eventually led to his own destruction. It can so happen that mass-produced car, which was born in the early part of this century, is set to strangle us in the next.

Just think of an awful impact that the car has had on modern life. Lives in many big cities have become miserable because of traffic jams, noise and pollution from cars.

It is the young who have been put most at risk. It has become far too dangerous to let children cycle freely on the roads. There was an enormous increase in the number of asthma cases and respiratory problems among children.

Of course, we don’t say that we can turn back the clock and ban the car. We have to find imaginative solutions to our transport needs if we don’t want to choke to death.

One of such solutions is producing more efficient engines which demand less fuel and which are much cleaner.

Beside, public transport such as reliable trains and buses should get a greater investment.

And what can we do as individuals? First and foremost, we need to get rid of the mentality that we cannot do without a car and that it is a reflection of our success and status in society. Fifty years ago it was unusual for a family to have a car. Now it is becoming a norm. We should make changes in our lifestyles and walk or use bicycles for shorter journeys.


curse — проклятие, ругань

to be familiar with — быть знакомым с

eventually — в конце концов

destruction — разрушение

to be set to do smth. — быть готовым что-то делать

to strangle — задушить

awful — ужасный

impact — воздействие, влияние

miserable — жалкий, несчастный

traffic jam — дорожная пробка

pollution — загрязнение

to ban — запретить

imaginative — изобретательный

solution — решение

to choke — задыхаться

to choke with smoke — задыхаться от дыма

efficient — зд. эффективный, действенный

first and foremost — в первую очередь

fuel — топливо

reliable — надежный

to rid (rid, ridden) — избавлять, освобождать

to get rid (of) — избавляться, освобождаться

mentality — зд. склад ума, умонастроение, ментальность

reflection — отражение


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