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Уровень сложности: средний

All nationalities have their own specifical features. The British are very reserved. They don’t like to show their true emotions and feelings and boast of their knowledge, possessions or status. There is a saying “Don’t complain, don’t explain”. They believe that open expression of feelings is a sign of bad manners. Since early childhood they are taught to control their emotions. Some foreigners find it difficult to communicate with English people because topics of communication are limited to weather, pets, ecology and royal family. It is not common to discuss private matters.

Politeness of English people became proverbial. People at bus stops stand in a line and don’t rush to their seats. If you ask for a direction in the street, you’ll get detailed explanations.

The English are fond of traditions. Even the French have preferred not to translate the word “home”, but to recognize it as English in origin and spirit. Yet how do they treat “the home”, which is, theoretically and traditionally regarded as the backbone of their country? First they remove their children from it by sending them to a boarding school almost as soon as they begin to walk. They are fond of French cusuine but they will never imitate it. English food in the restaurants is often boring, but in private homes cooking can be excellent.

The English are very ambitious. They are sure that England is the best country in the world. They work hard but like to relax too. The average Englishman has a hobby. It can be gardening, keeping a pet, repairing the home. Englishmen believe that only they are true pet lovers. Most of them are convinced that God is an Englishman and probably educated at Eton.

They like to travel and try to learn a lot of facts about the country they are visiting but they usually don’t make friends with people from these countries.

They value independence, ability to reach a goal, good education, unselfishness, honesty, tact, persistence, politeness and good manners.


reserved — сдержанный

to boast of — хвастаться

possessions — имущество

to complain — жаловаться

to complain to smb. about smth. — жаловаться кому-либо на что-то

royal — королевский

politeness — вежливость

proverb — пословица, поговорка

proverbial — вошедший в пословицу

to rush — бросаться, спешить

backbone — основа

boarding school — интернат

cusuine — кухня

to be convinced — быть убежденным

to value — ценить

goal — цель

unselfishness — бескорыстие

persistence — настойчивость


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