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This football team is not very traditional. It is all female and the youngest player is 73 years old. All the players live at the sheltered accomodation for the elderly in Stockton-on-Tees, and have been playing football matches on a regular basis since their formation in 1992 and loving every minute of it. They started out putting musicals for local charities for a bit of fun, but then they all decided they were ready for something more challenging. The idea of forming a football team appealed to all of them. They usually play with teams of similar ability — children or disabled people.

Although football is not specifically on its fitness agenda, Age Concern currently runs a project called Ageing Well, aimed at encouraging the elderly to exercise more. Age Concem estimates that about 40% of 65 to 74-year olds are completely inactive, an unhealthy situation that it is trying to change.

“A game of football may be too ambitious for most elderly people, but it has been proved that as little exercise as 10 minutes of walking a day can have a profound effect on the health and general well-being” says Sue Flook of Age Concern.

Regular exercise helps to maqintain the cardiovascular system and keeps the heart strong. Exercise has also been shown to improve sleep quality — which is important, as elderly people often have problems with sleep.

The social aspect of organised exercises should not be forgotten either. Going out to exercise and meeting people can make a huge difference to the way people view their old age. Keeping your mind and social sense active is just as important as keeping the body fit.


to kick — ударять ногой, бить по мячу, пинать

female — женский

sheltered accomodation — жилье гостиничного типа для престарелых и инвалидов

charity — благотворительность

to appeal — привлекать, интересовать, волновать, трогать

appealing — привлекательный

disabled people — инвалиды

fitness — здоровье, хорошая форма

to be fit — быть здоровым, в хорошей форме

agenda — повестка дня, программа

on the agenda — в повестке дня

Age Concern — Организация, занимающаяся пожилыми людьми

tо estimate — подсчитывать

ambition — честолюбие, стремление, цель, активность

ambitions — амбиции, притязания

ambitious — честолюбивый, стремящийся (к чему-либо)

profound — зд. значительный

challenge — вызов, трудность

to challenge — бросать вызов

challenging — требующий напряжения сил

well-being — благосостояние

to maintain — поддерживать

cardiovascular — сердечно-сосудистый


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