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Why do so many of us love to go shopping? To many shoppers it is a social rituaL Meet up with your friends, check out shops, try on clothes, have a burger for lunch. In short, hang around in exciting environments in which you feel at home. Research has shown that teenagers are changeable in decisins about how and where to spend their money. This means that shop owners need to use a number of techniques to attract shoppers inside their shops. Once inside a shop, teenagers are three times more likely to buy something in comparison with adults.

If you’re still not convinced that this research and shopping science can exploit and manipulate our shopping habits, then take a look at some of the techniques used to create perfect shopping environment for the fashion enthusiast shopper in Britain.

Outside the shop, the window display is like a huge advert. The psychologists apply a “25 metre rule” to shop windows.

If shoppers are further away than 25 metres, they won’t notice the window display or be drawn to the shop. Any closer and shoppers may already be looking at another shop window.

If shops play music and have lights like a club, shoppers will be tempted inside. The club feel also convinces shoppers that the clothes they buy will look good in a real club atmosphere. And if you don’t want shoppers to hang around too long and crowd your shop, then play the music loud, and the purchase will be made more quickly.

It’s not just the clothes that many young people are buying, but the image, the lifestyle and the group identity. The main fashion cult in Britain today is famous brand names. The young shopper is looking for a brand which clearly tells you something about their status and lifestyle.

So be careful! Think twice before you go out to buy that new dress or a pair of the latest shoes. You might think you know what you want, but it seems that the shops and psychologists know better!


ritual — ритуал

to check out — разг. проверить

to hang around — слоняться,болтаться

technique — метод, прием

to be likely — быть вероятным

to exploit — эксплуатировать 

o manipulate — манипулировать 

indow display — витрина

advert — рекламное объявление

psychologist — психолог

to tempt — склонять, подбивать, соблазнять

feel — чувство

purchase — покупка

to purchase — покупать

identity — зд. отличительные черты, особенности, самобытность; идентичность

brand — торговая марка


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