Saved by the Seals * Текст для чтения

Charlene Camburn, a mother of two kids, was just minutes from drowning in icy waters of the North Sea, and was saved by seven friendly seals.

Her ordeal began when she, her husband and their seven-year son went to see the seals at the nature reserve. The woman was cut off from the shore by a strong tide which washed her into the sea. She found herself in cold water a mile from the shore. For more than two hours Charlene was struggling for her life in icy waters.

Coastguards found Charlene on the verge of total collapse struggling in the water a mile from the shoreline. Later she said grey seals never left her side. They were diving below her pushing up her legs and helping keep her afloat. “Without them I would have surely died,” said Charlene. “Even when I thought I no longer stood a chance they stayed with me and gave me hope. I will always look on these creatures in a different light in future. I believe they knew I was in difficulties.”

The woman had an impression that the seals were encouraging her to keep going.


seal — тюлень

to drown — тонуть

ordeal — испытание

nature reserve — заповедник

tide — прилив, течение

coastguards — береговая охрана

verge — край, грань, предел

to be on the verge of smth. — быть на грани чего-либо

to dive — нырять

diver — ныряльщик

afloat — на плаву

to set afloat — спускать на воду

creature — существо, создание

chance — случай, вероятность, возможность

to have / to stand a chance — иметь надежду

encourage — ободрять, вселять надежду, воодушевлять, поощрять


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