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Strictly speaking, gypsies belong to a group who left India for Europe many centuries ago. They have their own language, a special life-style and values which are very different from other people. In England alone there are 11.000 caravans belonging to gypsies, who are constantly on the move They wander from place to place and usually don’t have a permanent home.

When gypsies move into an area, people living nearby often feel threatened by a life-style they do not understand, and try to persuade the authorities to move them on. The gypsies, however, have their own complaints: shopkeepers refuse to serve them, they find it difficult to get jobs, their children are teased or ignored by other children. Still worse, stones are thrown at the windows of their caravans.

It is time that we all started behaving like civilised human beings, accepting our differences and living together in harmony.


to move — двигаться, передвигаться

on the move — в движении

gypsies — цыгане

values — ценности

to wander — бродить, гулять, странствовать

wandering — бродячий, кочевой

permanent — постоянный

to threaten — угрожать

threat — угроза


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