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I believe that job is one of the most important things in one’s life. I would like to enter the Philological Faculty of St. Petersburg State University. I try not to be afraid of any obstacles and difficulties in my way to reach this aim, because all my future success depends on my desire to study, knowledge and persistence.

Our choice of profession is sometimes influenced by our parents or other people whose opinion we appreciate. If parents love their job and are proud of it, children often inherit this love and pride and wish to follow in their parents’ steps. But in my case it’s not like that. There are a lot of interesting professions, but I think that interest is not enough. One should feel some kind of vocation for the job he chooses. Only then he can become a good specialist.

It was long before leaving school that I decided to enter the Philological Faculty. You may ask me why of all the humanities I have chosen philology as my future profession. The explanation is simple. I like studying languages, finding similarities between them, and finding out the laws of their development. Though it’s absolutely necessary for every educated person to know a foreign language, or even several of them, it doesn’t mean that it’s very easy to become a philologist. One should know a lot of things to be able not only to learn, but also investigate languages. I really think that linguistics is a very interesting occupation, and I believe that I have a vocation for this science.

After graduating from the University I would like to work as a translator. I think that it is very difficult profession, because foreign language does not mean only different words. It means different culture, different mind. A professional translator must really have some vocation for his occupations if he wants to be good at it. And it does not matter what kind of literature is translated. I am not sure if I am capable enough of doing that job, but I hope that I’ll at least have a chance to try.

Words and expressions:

obstacle — препятствие

vocation — призвание 

persistence — настойчивость, упорство 

to inherit — наследовать

to follow in one’s steps — пойти по стопам кого-либо

to be of use — быть полезным 

the humanities — гуманитарные науки 

an occupation — занятие, дело


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