Is Camping an Exciting Way of Spending a Holiday? * Текст для чтения

Camping is a popular way of spending a holiday. It has so much to offer. You enjoy absolute freedom. You don’t think about booking hotels in advance. There are no hotel breakfasts. If you don’t like the place, you can get up and go. You can stay in one place as long as you can. You sleep in the open air. It’s so exciting to arrive at a site, put up your tent and start getting a meal ready. You can use a gas stove and your tent can have a kitchen and a porch. Portable furniture is light and comfortable.

You are always active and close to nature. Thanks to camping you can see really beautiful places which you can’t reach by train or by bus. Imagine yourself beside some clear stream in the forest. Night is falling, everything is peaceful, the fire is cracking and a nice song is heard.

Camping provides you with a real change from every-day living. You get up earlier, go to bed earlier, develop a good appetite. You make friends with many people and sometimes they become your friends for a life.

Some people say that there are lots of inconveniences connected with camping: you can be bitten to death by mosquitoes, you must live on canned food, freeze in a sleeping-bag, carry huge weights on your back. But all these inconveniences are not very important for people who look forward for a few precious weeks in the year when they can really adopt a completely different way of life. For them a camping holiday is true recreation and real enjoyment.


camping — отдых на природе (обычно в палатке)

to put up — зд. поставить

porch — зд. веранда, крыльцо

portable — портативный, переносной,

inconveniences  — неудобства

to bite (bit, bitten)  — кусать

canned food — консервы

to freeze (froze, frozen)  — замерзать

precious  — ценный

enjoyment — удовольствие, радость, наслаждение

to take great enjoyment ( in) — получать большое удовольствие


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