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In the last nine years, Anton Krotov has travelled tens of thousands of kilometers all over Russia and the world for practically nothing. He is a free traveller who has written 14 books on how to survive on the road on nothing or very little. The philosophy is simple — you rely on people’s kindness and hospitality.

Krotov’s books explain how to find generous people who will help you with food and accomodation if you stuck somewhere without money. He also provides information on the best places to hitch-hike, advice on getting lifts from goods trains, how to get a free bed, food and some more cunning plans. “People are good. You don’t need to be afraid,” said Krotov.

The traveller lives in an Old-Curiosity-Shop-flat on Leningradskoye Shosse. Inside, the walls are covered with maps that mark his thousands of miles of travel and vivid pictures of sunsets in Syria, the long road ahead in the Russian Far East and other sights.

People turn up at his door without warning. His door is usually unlocked. Having learned to rely on other people in his travels, Krotov is equaly welcoming to those who knock on his door and ask for somewhere to stay — and many do. “Some people have stolen things, but so what?” Krotov said from behind his bushy beard as he and his friend wrote advertisements asking for spare bus and train tickets. They plan to place an ad in local editions of the advertisement newspaper “Iz Ruk v Ruki” (“From Hands to Hands).

It’s a budget travel, but a lot of Krotov’s advice is about how to talk to people. Don’t lie. Just say you have little money and need somewhere to stay. According to him, people will always offer help. Krotov said that, outside Moscow, four out of five bus drivers will let you ride free of charge, as will many train conductors and even an airplane pilot who flies from Chukotka to Alaska.

In addition to good pieces of advice, the books consider moral aspects. They contain a list of rules on how to behave in different situations so as not to offend anyone and enjoy your holiday.


to rely on — полагаться, надеяться

hospitality — гостеприимство

generous — щедрый

to stuck — застревать

to hitch-hike — путешествовать автостопом

hitch-hiking —путешествие автостопом

advice — совет

to get a lift — подъехать

goods train — товарный поезд

cunning — хитрый, лукавый

Old Curiosity Shop — лавка древностей

vivid — яркий

warning — предупреждение

bushy — зд. густой, пушистый

spare — свободный

advertisement — реклама

budget travel — зд. дешевое путешествие

to lie — лгать, обманывать

consider — рассматривать

to offend — оскорблять, обижать


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