Почему стоит забыть о «How are you?»

Вспомним диалог, который считается классическим приветствием в английском языке: - Hello, how are you? - I’m fine, thank you. And you? Он знаком нам...

English for communication * Урок 3

На английском In the restaurant Russell Brundon Aren’t you hungry? Cora Grant Oh, yes, we are. Russell Brundon And I’m awfully thirsty. Cora Grant Would you like a glass of...

English for communication * Урок 2

На английском (At the Hotel) (Miss Pearl has just arrived at the hotel). Shirley Pearl Good morning. My name’s Shirley Pearl. I believe you have a room...

English for communication * Урок 1

На английском языке We invite you to an International Congress in Moscow. The theme of the Congress is: «Civilization and Spiritual Evolution»....

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