Are Girls Slaves Of Fashion? * Текст для чтения

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When you see an old film, even if it is made only ten years ago, you are usually struck by appearance of the women taking part in it. Their hairstyles and make-up look old-fashioned, their skirts look either too long or too short, their general appearance is, in fact, slightly funny. The men taking part in the film, on the other hand, look quite nice. There is nothing in their appearance to say that they belong to an entirely different time.

This image is created by changing fashions. Over the years, the great majority of men have successfully resisted all attempts to make them change their style ot dress. The same cannot be said about women. Each year a few so-called “top designers” in Paris or London make the law and women all over the world rush to follow it. This year designers decide that skirts will be short and waists will be high, zips will be “in” and buttons will be “out”. Next year the law is different and no one is surprised.

But women have only themselves to blame because they don’t want to be seen in public in clothes that are out of fashion. Sometimes they put on a dress only a few times and throw it away. Only a woman is able of standing in front of the wardrobe packed of clothes and saying sadly that she has nothing to wear.

Many women spend large sums of money each year to replace clothes they have hardly worn. Fashion designers never think about such things as warmth and comfort. They think the women will put up with any amount of discomfort in order to look right.


to strike (struck, stricken) — зд. поражать, удивлять

slave — раб

old-fashioned — старомодный

image — образ, представление, мнение, имидж

majority — большинство

to resist — сопротивляться

law — закон

to make laws — составлять законы

to rush — спешить

waist — талия

zip — молния

button — пуговица

to blame — винить

to wear (wore / worn) — носить

wardrobe — гардероб

to replace — заменять

hardly — едва

to put up — мириться


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