Alien Creatures On Earth? * Текст для чтения

In stories alien creatures have visited the Earth for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans told tales of gods who visited the Earth from the heavens and who possessed exceptional powers. Although science has proven that these tales are myths, many people say that they had seen unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and creatures who came to the Earth from the space.

Some of these stories are rather convincing. One such event happened on July 5, 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico, USA. On this day Dr. Holder, professor at Texas Tech University, and some of his students were working on the archeological site when they found the craft and bodies of alien creatures. Dr. Holden immediately reported about the find to the mayor who arrived at the site with military personnel They cordoned off the site and checked it for radiation. Photographers took close-up pictures. The mayor and the military personnel questioned Dr. Holden and his students about what they had seen and thetHook them to the air base. The mayor instructed the event amid threaten national security.

The eyewitnesses at the site stated that the craft was about seven meters wide and had a rounded nose. Inside the ship they could see the bodies of space beings. They described the bodies as slender and about 1 to 1,5 meters tall with very large heads and long thin arms, definitely not human. The features of the faces were human-like, but the eyes were much larger than human’s and the skulls were covered not with hair but with fuzz. The eyewitnesses knew the bodies were not human and later told other officers and family members that they had seen creatures.

The bodies were put in bags and taken by ambulance to the military base. At night they were sent to Washington, D.C., so that top government officials could see them. The craft was sent to Wright Field in Ohio, USA where the army could study it. To date, there is no reliable report about this event.


alien — чужестранный, иноземный

creature — существо

heavens — небеса

exceptional — исключительный

unidentified flying object (UFO) — неопознанный летающий объект (НЛО)

to convince — убеждать

convincing — убедительный

site — площадка

craft — корабль (в том числе космический)

to cordon off — отгораживать

to check — проверять

close-up picture — фотография крупным планом

to threaten — угрожать

national security — национальная безопасность

eyewitness — очевидец

slender — стройный

definitely — определенно

skull — череп

fuzz — пух

ambulance — машина скорой помощи

to date — до сегодняшнего дня

reliable— надежный


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