Agatha Christie * They Do It Wiht Mirrors * Адаптированная книга и аудио

Agatha Christie. They Do It With Mirrors.


124 стр.

Адаптированная версия, включая аудиовариант. Для уровня upper-intermediate.

These carefully adapted versions are shorter than the originals with the language graded for upper-intermediate learners.

There is a dangerous atmosphere at Stonygates, a centre for young criminals. When Miss Marple visits her friend there she can sense the danger, too. One evening during her stay someone shoots at the administrator o f the centre. He is not injured, but a visiting relative is shot dead at the same time in another part o f the building.

Could this be a coincidence? Miss Marple must solve the mystery.

Файл pdf с возможностью поиска и копирования.

Аудиофайлы в формате mp3 с высоким качеством.

Для прямого скачивания с сайта.


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